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About Save Sonic ™ Services

Save Sonic ™ specializes in sourcing personal loans for people with bad credit. We became interested in helping people secure bad credit personal loans when The Great Recession of 2007 hit the United States. It didn't take long before we realized honest hard working blue collar citizens were hit the hardest and this is when we decided something needed to be done.

We formed relationships with a network of lenders who only focus on working with people who have bad credit or no credit. This benefits you because when you apply for a loan through Save Sonic ™ your application will only be seen by lenders that specialize in bad credit loans. This could greatly increase your chances of being approved for a loan.

Completing an application through Save Sonic ™ does not mean you are guaranteed a loan and it does not require you to accept a loan. Your application is simply a request for more information regarding the loan terms and interest rates. By completing an application you give consent allowing lenders to contact you by telephone and/or email. The Truth in Lending Act requires all lenders that receive your application to fully disclose the loan amount and all associated fees before you accept the loan.

Save Sonic ™ acts as a loan matching service only, we do not broker loans and we are not a lending institution. We have made every effort to insure we only work with the best possible lenders. These types of loans should only be used a short term cash advances. The interest rates will be high so the sooner you repay your loan the less interest you will incur.

Interest rates will vary depending on your unique circumstances and the state you live in. For exact loan interest rates please refer to your local state laws. Typical first time loans range from $100.00 to $1000.00 dollars. Lenders may at their own discretion perform credit checks.

We are an advocate for responsible lending. Please do not apply for a loan if you don't have the means or intention of repaying your debt. If you do not repay your loan lenders may seek legal counsel to recoup the owed amount. Lenders may also report you to the consumer reporting agency which could have a negative impact on your credit.

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